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Fact of the Day : An Octopus with 96 tentacles was caught in Japan in 2008

January 31, 2020

As we look back on the history of our great nation, as well as that of our communities, it is important that we recognize this month on our day off a very important holiday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day. This year MLK Day is celebrated on Jan. 20, and our day off from sc...

In recent years,the media has increased the spread of awareness regarding students’ mental health and well-being by sharing others’ stories and giving advice to those struggling.

Schools have also become active in stressing mental health’s importance. This school year,...

In 2018, Riverview introduced a new program for students to stay on the right track. It’s known as D-FY and is a movement where peers share a commitment to a drug-free lifestyle. It is available for students from sixth to twelfth grades.

In order for them to become a me...

December 2, 2019

Riverview High School has recently decided to take a stand on renovating its intensive reading classrooms this year. To keep students who need more motivation and engagement, engaged in everyday learning.

This Project was designed around a few specific pointers like lay...

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