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Fact of the Day : Rock star Ozzy Osbourne once joined a Christian protest march against himself outside of one of his concerts.

October 10, 2019

This year, Dancing with the Stars has been renewed for another season after rumors of the show coming to an end. ABC opted not to continue the years-long tradition of airing twice per year, this year only broadcasting a fall 2019 cycle.

Still, the reality show is back a...

Quadratic Functions are boring.

Beth Rueger, Pre-IB Algebra 2 teacher at Riverview High School, had a new take on this--flying marshmallows thrown from catapults.

The catapults gave a creative perspective on learning topics that are not always appealing for students. Eac...

April 26, 2019

Riverview students, along with other people around the world, are obsessed with the new music that’s coming out. If you look around the halls, all the students have earphones in, and recently with Khalid's new album, that’s all the teens are listening to.

Khalid dropped...

The Sarasota Chalk Festival came back to Sarasota after a long six years in Burns Square from April 5-7.

Usually, the Chalk Festival is held in Venice. But this year it was at both Venice and Sarasota to show off some of the best pavement art from artists all around the...

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