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Change to IB World School includes all RHS students

Riverview High School is considered an IB World School, offering multiple International Baccalaureate programs; however, next year there will be a shift in the percentage of student body participating in the IB curriculum.

For the 2019-2020 school year, incoming freshman will be required to take pre-IB level English. Such a change will only impact incoming freshman and students in years to follow.

Following their sophomore year, students will then have the choice between entering IB standard or higher level English. This idea of offering IB classes to every student will begin with English subject areas and may later extend to other classes in the future.

As another extension to Riverview’s IB world school programs, the IB career program has now added Marine Science and Theater Arts to already existing career paths. Careers currently within the program include International Business, Engineering, Computer Programming and JROTC. Broadening the range of career-related courses will benefit any student interested in furthering his or her studies for a future in Marine Science or the arts.

Freshman English teachers will soon begin intensive training on a “world approach” to teaching to prepare for the transition next year.

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