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Rudd takes on Washington, writes bill

Most people know Emmabella Rudd, a senior at Riverview, as being an advocate for patients with type 1 diabetes. Every year, she participates in the Lakewood Ranch walk with her own group, Emmabella’s Believers.

Rudd often speaks out to the public, through news sources, about her own type 1 diabetes. Now Rudd has tackled yet again another amazing achievement.

Rudd’s junior year was when she was selected to attend Florida’s ALA Girl’s State, being the representative for the district. ALA Girl’s State is a program in which the American Legion Auxiliary members help those selected to become more aware and to shape the young women into well-rounded, patriotic citizens.

As Rudd was part of this program held at FSU, she was selected to be one of the 300 to be part of ALA, American Legion Auxiliary’s Girls’ Nation. This program is held for a week and lets those included be part of Senate sessions, submitting bills, electing significant officials like the President and Vice President and more.

It also takes the girls on special field trips to the White House, Arlington National Cemetery, monument tours, and Capitol Hill to meet state representatives, senators and even the Vice President.

Just in case you didn’t think this program was prestigious, Bill Clinton was a Boys’ Nation Senator as well, saying a lot about ALA’s significance.

If this wasn’t enough, Rudd also received the Maxine Bentley Leadership Award, meaning that she was a wonderful participant, showed leadership and built friendships with those surrounding her in that week. It’s all part of the selective program’s ideology.

“American Legion Auxiliary (ALA) Girls Nation was one of the most, if not the most, empowering and inspiring weeks of my entire life,” Rudd said.

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