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Homecoming floats are underway as day nears

As the Homecoming dance and Homecoming football game approach next week, the preparation has only just begun.

This year’s theme for the Homecoming game and dance is “Rocking Through the Ages.” This brings about a lot of genres of music and attire.

Many of the clubs have just started their collaborating on the floats, with many ideas still in the works. The clubs normally start building and decorating their floats as the Homecoming game becomes closer.

Usually what happens is that one club member hosts all of the club members on one or two days for a few hours, and they use the host’s driveway to build and decorate the float. These few hours include all-hands-on-deck to make sure the float turns out elaborately decorated.

National Art Honor Society is basing its float on The Beatles. They are using multiple albums produced by this band in order to get inspiration for their Homecoming float. Alexis Brownstein ‘19 said one of their ideas is to combine a few of the Beatles’ most popular albums.

“Covers such as Yellow Submarine, Sargent Pepper’s Lonely-Hearts Club, and them crossing Abbey Road—that’s really all we have so far, just a theme and an idea,” she said.

The Highland Dance Team is known at RHS for their elaborate floats, decorations and costumes. These girls really know how to bring their visions and ideas to life.

“This year we are doing the 20’s as our float theme. We’re planning on dressing up in flapper outfits with headbands. There’s going to be a lot of fringe, gold, and sparkles. Hopefully it will look like a scene out of the Great Gatsby. I’m so excited for the girls and I to start building the float,” said Olivia Ostrander ‘20.

National Honor Society is doing a Beach Boys-themed float. Since they recently had a meeting on what they were going to do for their float, many ideas are flowing.

“We decided on the Beach Boys because we knew we could have super cute costumes. Our float as of right now is going to be like the backdrop of a beach with waves, surf boards and beachballs. I’m sure a few of the boys will dress up in order to be the Beach Boys band. I think once we start making the float it’s going to be amazing,” Madison Mursch ‘20 said.

Even though most of the clubs are still in the beginning stages of planning their floats, it seems as though everyone is very excited. The Homecoming game is going to be filled with all different styles of music, costumes and floats.

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