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Luca Whitaker becomes YouTube sensation

BIG FUTURE AHEAD—Luca’s main channel boasts of over 195,000 subscribers, and the number keeps going up! Go to @LucaWhitaker and vlog channel @Luca’slife, and visit her instagram at @itslucawhitaker.


Luca Whitaker ‘21, is also a content creator on YouTube. She started her journey about two years ago after watching and looking up to other YouTubers growing up.

This inspired her to branch out and start a channel of her own. She has two channels, one is a vlog channel called “Luca’slife,” where she uploads twice a week, and it has over 70,000 subscribers. Whitaker’s’ other channel is her main channel which is called “Luca Whitaker,” where she uploads once a week, with over 195,000 subscribers.

Her vlog channel is just her in her daily life whether its hanging with friends, school or cheer life, shopping with her or anything she’s up to. The content on her main channel is clothing hauls, long talks or just having fun.

“It was a really slow climb to get as many subscribers as I have now, but I feel as though I earned it by uploading frequently and working hard on my video content,” Whitaker said.

Being a student, YouTuber and cheerleader at RHS seems like a lot to handle. With the responsibilities of homework, classwork, being a part of a team, and making videos and editing them, she still finds a way to do all the things she wants to do and still have time for friends and family.

“I used to be a competitive gymnast while being a student and doing YouTube, so it taught me to manage my time wisely,” Whitaker said.

She obviously has a very stressful and hard-working experience, but she chooses to do it, because she loves it.

“It takes about 3 to 5 hours to shoot a video and edit it,” she explained.

She takes a lot of time in making sure that what she posts is perfect for all of her subscribers, and that’s what makes her such a great person to watch.

“In my future, I want to continue making content that I am proud of and that makes a difference in peoples lives,” said Whitaker.

This is obviously an amazing accomplishment, so many people look up to Whitaker as a role model or watch her videos for a laugh. If you’ve never seen one of her videos, definitely go take a look; then you will be the next subscriber!

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