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Riverview teacher denied an electric car charger

Riverview freshman English teacher Anna Singer is one of the many teachers at the school with an electric car.

Singer requested from the school’s administrators that an electric charger be installed so that she can get home after work. She, along with all of Riverview staff, received an email on the topic, declining Singer’s request.

Earlier in the month, she asked the Riverview administrators to help her acquire an electric charger in order for staff members to be able to charge their cars during school hours. Singer’s commute averages 100 miles per day, which pushes the limits on battery-powered cars.

Asst. Principal of Administration Brian Dorn said that he was informed the charger request will not be able to be granted.

APA Brian Dorn said how he was all for the car charger, to be a new resource at Riverview, but the district had other thoughts.

“I talked to the coordinators at the district, and they informed me that the grant money we would use for the charger is meant to be spent elsewhere, and that the possibility of this happening in the future is slim,” Dorn said.

With the new information, Singer will still have to charge her car at home, but maybe there will be a miracle in the near future that will allow this new resource to be a part of the great community at Riverview.

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