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The twins of Ram Page: news in twos

Tricia and Jena Robustelli gather a group story brainstorming session to start off Issue 4. Even though it's mid October, students must plan ahead with Thanksgiving stories on the list.


Twins as editors working for the Ram Page experience both the positive and negative aspects of being twins, but their bond doesn’t falter.

Tricia and Jena Robustelli ‘19 are twins and best friends, going through the experience of senior year together as they take similar classes. Both are pursuing their interests of advertising, journalism and public relations.

Jena has no problem being in classes with her twin, explaining that “it's like your best friend is in the same class as you.”

According to Tricia, one of the only negative aspects of being a twin is constantly being compared to each other. People making contests of their looks, abilities, and personalities can strain their relationship. On the other hand, some people expect them to be the exact same person, another distressing aspect Tricia said.

However, the good outweighs the bad when it comes to their experience as twins. The Robustelli sisters share the gratefulness of knowing that they have someone there for them--a friend, a support system, someone with whom they can be completely honest. Twins aren’t common in their family, making them unique and their relationship like no other.

Parker and Mason Schmidt ‘19 are yet another set of twin seniors that are both editors of the Ram Page. Both boys, like Jena and Tricia, are taking a few of the same classes, some together.

Aside from their journalism class, they agree that they have very different interests. Parker and Mason say that they spend their free time very differently.

“We are polar opposites in personality and hobbies,” said Parker.

Mason, older by just three minutes, said that in his free time he enjoys playing video games, while his brother is into boating. However, they are both swimmers for the Sarasota Sharks and show their competitive nature during their meets.

The boys said they have no recollection of any negative drawbacks about being twins, recalling many fun memories.

“I don't really remember any bad experiences because I focus more on the fun experiences,” said Mason.

Twins always receive a lot of attention because of how rare they are. After hearing the personal experiences of the twins at the Ram Page, it is clear that being a twin comes with its problems. In the end, the positives outweigh the negatives when it comes to taking on the world, and high school, together.

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