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Brand vs. Generic: Is There Actually a Difference?

YUM OR WHAT ––– Students are having a difficult time determining what brand of chips they were consuming.


Many people argue the difference between generic and brand name products. Well, the students in Ashley Hernandez’ AP Statistics class put this question to the test.

Hernandez’ class is learning about a proper test group. The class had to put together their own experiments and had a few days to prepare for this task Each team brought in their own supplies, but Hernandez provided the plates and napkins.

The class prepared multiple days in advance, so they would be able to do the actual lab. There were a few guidelines that had to be followed by everyone. They had to have groups of five and use some aspect of a “blind” experiment.

During the test, the students tested their taste buds on the difference between generic and brand name foods and drinks. Some of the things that they tested included Coke vs. The Sam’s brand, Oreo vs. Knockoff, and even Fiji vs. Dasani and tap water.

Many students thought that they would be able to tell the difference between the selections, but senior Alex West surprised herself.

“I got both the Coke vs. Generic and the water test wrong,” said Alex West ‘19.

Even Hernandez couldn’t tell the difference between on brand and off brand Coke products. She doesn’t see the point in paying more for the Coke Products, when “Sam’s Cola tastes the exact same,” said the Statistics teacher.

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