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Mr. Riverview 2018

The infamous Mr. Riverview was on Thursday, November 8th at Riverview. It had packed seats of many parents and spirited students. The program was put together by the senior board, and advisor Josh Mocherman. As well, Scott Dennis from ABC 7 news was for the 20th year in a row the announcer for the acts.

The event had a total of 16 senior boys that had to put together an act for all four categories, fashion, swimsuit wear, talent, formal wear. The seats of the RPAC were filled with students ready to see what their seniors had put together.

The line-up of senior boys in the event were: Lorenzo Gonzales, Jake Lehrman, Josh Clark, Mason Demichele, Ben Jung, Nick Sanchez, Dusty Hibbs, Ali Shams, Will Jorgenson, Alex Lam, Austin Camelo, Zach Dorsay, Jarek Maleszka, and Anton Sroka.

The seniors first showed themselves in fashion were each came out and showed off their either sophisticated, or just overall hilarious attire they usually wear. To name a few: Lorenzo Gonzales, wore an American Indian costume; Ben Jung, wore a Starbucks barista costume, where he ate a cake pop and gave one to MC Dennis.

Next was swimwear, where each had a pair as they strutted the stage with finesse and confidence. To give a taste of the action: Dusty Hibbs and Ali Shams both walked out while sensitively tossing a huge beach ball. Will Jorgenson and Alex Lam came out proudly with speedos and swim caps on and swam towards center stage leading to a great chest bump between the two contestants.

Following swimwear was the moment everyone was waiting for, talent. To mention some of the most memorable: Jake Lehrman accompanied by some of his friends taught the audience how to dance like drake in one of Drake's hit songs, hotline bling.

It was a huge hit across the crowd, as people sung along to the music while him and his friends danced. Another outstanding talent was Anton Sroka, who played the piano and played a mashup of symphonies to throwback songs. This performance had the crowd in tears one moment to screaming with joy in the next.

Lastly, the formal wear which included all the guys having girl escorts also in formal wear. All formal wear was rented from Men's Warehouse, free of charge. The seniors all liked amazing with their escorts, even Alex Lam who was escorted by Ethan Schwab who looked just dashing in his red gown.

The judges had to deliberate and think about who was going to be the final five, during the wait we watched a video to get a sense of the contestants. The video consisted of funny comments, and good puns and humor.

The judges decided of who the final five would be, it was: Lorenzo Gonzales, Ben Jung, Nick Sanchez, Mason Demichele, and Will Jorgenson.

Ater announcer Dennis asked a series of questions to each of the final five contestants.

The judges deliberated one more time ,during the wait we got to see a group performance with all sixteen contestants as they danced to hit raps songs like, “Look Alive” by Drake and even a real throwback the high school musical “All in This Together”.

The results were in, but first rewarded Mr. Congeniality which was, Ben Jung. Next for 3rd place was, Lorenzo Gonzales. Next for 1st runner up, was Nick Sanchez. And the overall winner was, Will Jorgenson!

It was filled with intense laughter, reminiscing and much more. The contestants tried their hardest to win over the judges, which were volunteers from local business and family friends. The event consisted of many categories, heartthrob moments, and of course some interesting jokes. But to say the least, it will be a memorable Mr. Riverview.

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