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2018’s Best hits

Music is a really popular form of entertainment that all ages love around the world. As 2018 almost ends Riverview High School students have their own ideas on what the top ten songs should be because everyone's personal style and musical style are so diverse.

“The best song definitely should be 'Better now’ By Post Malone, just because it's such a good bop. Everyone and anyone would like this song, including me.” Lexie Bennett ‘21 states. This song did hit charts and so did Post Malone's album, students at RHS waited for the album to drop. People were not disappointed at all because all of the songs are great, but “Better now” is a favorite for so many people.

“‘A better me’ by Topher Sutphin is my favorite song of the year because its a banger” said Kai Mcleod. Topher Sutphin is a student at RHS that comes out with his own music and so many students support by listening.

“Girls Like You” by Maroon 5 and Cardi B, is Natalie Steinhoff’s ‘20 top song because “This song reminds me of all friends that i cheer with because we all listen to it together before every competition and it also has a great meaning behind it.” This song kinda mixes up rap and a popular pop band that teens these days probably grew up listening to, so this is a great collaboration that students love.

“‘Honest’ by Kodak Black, is hands down the best song of the year, it's a freestyle” Wyatt Van fleet ‘19 said. Rap is definitely

“My favorite song of 2018 is ‘Majesty’ by CloZee, It's a true banger, she mixes fire beats with sounds and bass you could never imagine, CloZee gives of great positive vibes and this song puts you in the party mood, if you like getting down and dancing like crazy this song is for you and i highly recommend any of her music to you, her music resonates the meaning of positive vibes.” said Abe Pintchuck ‘19

“Ariana Grande’s song ‘breathin’ because Ariana’s voice is so beautiful and in this song she really shows off her talent. Every time i hear it i just feel so happy and it just makes everything brighter. She is my all time favorite artist, i just love her so much”, Madison Scott ‘19 said.

Grandes song “Thank u, Next” has recently been the new top hit everywhere, students have fell in love with this song because its her talking about her life and what she is going through, for students it can be relatable. During November and December this song was number 1 on billboard and so many other charts.

Riverview High School has their own list of the top songs of the year, because everyone has different opinions on which type of music is best and that's okay! As 2019 begins, students can't wait for their favorite artist to drop new music for everyone to love.

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