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Internship Devotion

PRACTICING FOR THE FUTURE — Student in the medical field interning for a future position in medicine.


Senioritis is a common occurrence for most whilst in their last year of tiresome high school. Yet the internship program, here at Riverview, is always defying the odds displaying hard-working, focused students.

In past years, dual enrollment was offered but due to lack of requirements overall, the program was discontinued. Now a different program managed by Mrs. DeZutter persists.

All students making this extra effort started mid-Junior year, they decided a certain job that they could potentially see themselves working in and decided to internship there. Of course, the process was much more grueling than that though. First students need a core teacher recommendation, a GPA of 2.5 or more, and attendance is checked too. If requirements are met the student will meet with DeZutter to discuss what is expected and the goal of the experience. Lastly, signing a contract concludes the interview.

DeZutter strongly believes in the benefits of the program for students.

“The opportunity to have such exposure to what your future could be, is vital when choosing the best pathway for your life. No negative outcome will occur for those involved, it’s all about finding what career make sense for you.”

DeZutter even provides training for the students, every Friday, about how to approach many basic tasks one would need to know when attending a job, like work space credentials and soft skills.

Corrina Kuschnitzky 19’ is doing an internship with Dr. John Moor, an orthopedic surgeon. Kuschnitzky leaves school, sixth period, every day and immediately heads over to either Dr. Moor’s office or the Doctor’s Hospital depending if a surgery is scheduled that day.

She agrees with Desutter on how the experience is beneficial, saying that it has really made her feel confident in her job choice.

“The program gives me a very hands-on experience letting me evaluate all the different aspects of the job for myself to decide what I want. The life of an orthopedic surgeon, learning the deeper meanings of the job, and atmosphere’s of both the office and surgery room, are the experiences I wouldn’t have if the program wasn’t available.”

Other students are doing internships at law offices, trauma centers, Suncoast charity, etc. So, the variability of the types of internships varies extremely.

Furthermore, the internship program provides helpful insight of what their future could be like for all participants.

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