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Midterm exam week

The whole month of December is always the most fun and festive time of the year. But, it is also full of turning in late grades and cramming for midterm exams.

For winter break, we get two weeks off to enjoy the holidays with our friends and families. Before we leave for winter break, we have midterm exams, which will take the whole week before winter break to do.

Be sure to check with you teacher so you know when you will be taking your midterm exam for your classes. There will be a bell schedule available to all teachers so everyone can be informed the changes in time for the class periods.

I’m sure everyone is excited to take these midterm exams so they can get it over with and be able to enjoy their winter break without all the stress on their shoulders.

Some students expressed how they felt about their upcoming midterm exams. “Hopefully all my studying will pay off for these exams,” exclaimed Jennifer Deyne ‘19. Throughout these two quarters everyone should be studying and practicing for these exams coming up. “I can’t wait for exams to be over so winter break can start,” said Emory Sayre ‘20.

Since winter break is right after midterm exam week, if you are going out of town during this week make sure to tell your teacher so you are able to take the test before you leave for winter break. “I’m relying on all the review packets that my teachers give me to pass these exams,” remarked Kiera Jackson ‘21. Everyone should make sure to study smart, not hard.

People always tend to overstudy or not study the right things, if your teacher gives you a review packet be sure to go over it and just practice the things the questions provide in the packet. Midterm exams are going to start on December 17 through the 20. I wish everyone good luck on their midterm exams and to have a fun and safe holiday break!

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