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Better safe than sorry: include pineapple in your next party order

Hosting a party is a must in the winter season—complete with gingerbread house making, ugly sweaters and of course pizza.

Pizza brings joy throughout the holiday season. However, the dish can bring up an oddly controversial question: does pineapple belong on pizza?

When getting ready to throw a party, facing the burden of ordering pizza is inevitable. Pepperoni and cheese are a must, but is it important to order one with pineapple? After a survey was hosted at Riverview High School, there are very different results. Some are proud advocates for this cheesy creation, and view it as a necessity to the classic Italian American dish.

“The sweetness of the pineapple counteracts with the savory of the sauce and cheese, so it’s a good mix,” said Brooke Campbell ‘19.

“Fruit and cheese seem to be a popular snack, like apples with cheese or grapes with cheese,” said Georgia Flint ‘22 in support.

Others feel very strongly on the other side of the argument, and would much rather be served a plain slice over a fruity one.

“I just don’t like it because they don’t go together. Healthy, with unhealthy, just no,” said Tierney Mcfadden ‘22.

Some students feel passionately in the middle, taking a stranger approach to the argument.

“The warm cooked pineapple makes me a little queasy because pineapple shouldn’t be cooked, it’s just not okay. Plain Pineapple pizza is a no, but uncooked pineapple with ham is a little more acceptable,” said Brielle Campbell ‘22.

After a survey of 211 Riverview Students, it was found 78% of students leading towards plain pizza and 22% supporting pineapple. A safe bet would be to order just one or two pizzas with pineapple and the rest without. If you order four pizzas, maybe get one with pineapple to cater to those with the more adventurous taste buds. However, be sure not to only get pineapple unless you want to have some unhappy party guests.

“I know others swear by it, and that’s great. It’s just not for me,” said Ava Zimath ‘22.

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