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Chocolate and vanilla fans—see where you stand

Chocolate and vanilla are in so many desserts that’s it too many to count. Which one is the more favorable one? A survey conducted at Riverview High answers this question, and the results are surprising.

The survey was conducted with students who go to Riverview and attend Jeaninne Borasch’s Business and Technology class, where they answered the “Microsoft Forms” survey we created online. They would choose which flavor they more and tell why they chose that over the other.

The results were 38 votes for chocolate and 45 for vanilla. There were many explanations about why students preferred one flavor over the other.

“I like chocolate because it’s more rich. I don’t like vanilla because it’s very plain, and in my opinion, doesn't have much flavor,” said Dana Molina ‘21.

But, a student who preferred vanilla over chocolate likes the fact that it’s the flavor not taken.

“Chocolate is overrated, and I just like the flavor vanilla because chocolate is so overused that I don't like it anymore,” said Simon Garcia ‘20.

Vanilla seems to be the overall most popular choice from Riverview, but from PR Newswire they do a poll on different flavors of ice-cream throughout America and the results were quite different.

It stated that for Americans, chocolate was favored with 28 percent saying it is one of their two favorite ice cream flavors followed by vanilla with 26 percent and cookie dough/cookies and cream at 22 percent.

Different groups in the United States have some different flavors up high in the percentages. For example, from PR Newswire, Easterners and Midwesterners say chocolate is their favorite while three in ten Southerners pick vanilla. Westerners have a close race for the two top flavors.

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