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Christmas Movie Poll shows teens like holidays’ traditional movies

From the classic tale of The Christmas Carol to the modern story of Elf, the student body at Riverview has a varied choice of holiday favorites to watch. A poll was reached out to 100 students across the campus to see what the most popular Christmas film was.

The results revealed a close race among Elf (28 percent), The Polar Express (20 percent) How the Grinch Stole Christmas (15 percent), and others at 37 percent. The most popular movie was Elf which is about an elf portrayed by Will Ferrell trying to find his real parents. Along the journey we see Buddy, the main character exploring the real world along the way. Since Buddy doesn’t know anything about the real world, he does many things differently from the other “normal” characters making the movie very funny. What makes this movie the most popular is the humor involved in it and how childlike Buddy is. Since the movie is PG it is perfect for families to watch together during the holiday season.

“The movie Elf is really funny and my family and I watch it every year, so it brings back memories of past Christmases,”said Molly Abel ‘22.

The Polar Express was the second most popular choice among the students. This movie is about a young boy who takes a trip one night to the North Pole on an extraordinary train ride, where he goes on a magical journey of finding himself. Most importantly, his journey gives him a lesson of how wonderful life can be for those who believe. This movie is very popular among younger kids, since the adventure and excitement in the plot makes the viewer dream along. Young kids feel inspired by the magic of this movie and dream of their own adventures, also giving them a lesson of the wonders of believing. Many high school students continue watching this movie because of good memories, and they still enjoy the sense of wonder.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas came in third place at 15 percent. His story is based on the book by Dr. Seuss. The Grinch is the story of a green character who hates Christmas. He plans to steal all the happiness from the people of Whoville but ends up learning that Christmas is more than just a present under the tree. The character has been placed into three movies over the years, most recent being 2018.

The rest of the 100 people chose movies from Home Alone to The Nightmare Before Christmas. These are other holiday choices that have become a tradition for so many. Movies also included, Office Christmas Party, Christmas Vacation, The Guardians, and Love Actually.

“It’s a classic,” said Ava Zimath ‘22 of the movie Home Alone. “It brings back good memories and reminds you to spend time with your friends and family.”

Grace Mannion ‘21 chose Christmas Vacation. She calls the movie a relatable holiday tale of the circumstances that every family is faced with. It is “both accurate and heartwarming,” said Mannion.

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