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Nickelodeon vs. Disney? No matter what, kids always returned to Disney

Growing up in the twenty-first century, television was a big part of Generation Z’s childhood. Although unified, everyone grew up in a divided state of mind--Nickelodeon or Disney Channel.

As Generation Z grow up, their tastes in TV shows also changed. But there will always be a bit of reminiscence that everyone feels when they think about their favorite childhood shows.

“Well it’s kind of just because I grew up on Nickelodeon like there’s a lot of shows that bring a lot of nostalgia,” Noah Kane ’22 said.

Although Gen Z all grew up watching the same shows, the divide between Disney Channel and Nickelodeon has always been big. Arguments would arise, everyone having his or her own opinions.

When asked on a random poll of 220 students between Nickelodeon and Disney, Disney won by 137. Nickelodeon got 83 votes.

“I would have to say that I enjoy Disney Channel more because the majority of the shows are for all ages, where Nickelodeon contains shows for younger audiences,” said Ben Jung ‘19.

Some students, like Tierney McFadden, enjoyed both equally.

“Growing up, I watched Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place were my jam, but a classic SpongeBob episode cannot be topped,” Tierney McFadden ’22 said.

But no matter what, most students always came back to Disney Channel.

“I grew up on Disney and when I was little, I would visit Disney World in Orlando. It's iconic,” said Abby Sinclair ‘19.

As kids, many had different opinions on which shows they preferred. Despite all the amazing channels and shows on TV, Disney Channel held a popular demand over the others. Whether it was ‘Good Luck Charlie’ or ‘Dog With a Blog,’ Disney came out victorious.

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