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Students choose Marvel superheroes as best

There has always been a war that’s been going on for years, about whether Marvel or DC is better. But have you ever decided what superhero altogether is best?

Superman, Spiderman, Thor, Ironman and Batman were the top of the charts, so those are the five choices we gave the students. The most chosen superheroes were Spiderman and Thor. Ironman and Batman come in second, and sadly, Superman came in last.

Spiderman was in first place by 18 percent of the votes. He had 39 percent of the votes in his favor.

“I like Spiderman because the actor that plays him in the movies is hot,” said Alexis Jones ‘22.

That seemed to be a popular reason they chose Spiderman. More than half of the votes for Spiderman were girls.

In second place, the voters chose Thor with 21% of the votes.

“I chose Thor because he is really strong, could beat up anyone and his hair is goals,” said Zach Marsh ‘22.

Thor is a very popular choice as well because he has three movies dedicated to just him, and they are some of the highest grossing films that Marvel has created.

Batman came in third place with 17.8 percent of the votes. This was pretty much expected because Batman is a not deemed a “cool” superhero.

“He was described as a normal person with a spandex suit with doohinkies on them,” said Quinlin Barke ‘22, who voted for Spiderman.

Superman and Iron man sadly came in last place with 10% of the votes.

“I like Superman because I like his movies. My favorites are the original Superman, Man of Steel, and Batman vs. Superman,” said Dom Tarantino ‘22.

Superman is a very well-known superhero, and while he wasn’t voted as much as we predicted, it was confusing. Multiple voters said that Iron Man wasn’t their ideal for a superhero.

All this data also helped prove that high schoolers think that Marvel characters are better than DC because they gave Marvel 70 percent of the entire votes.

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