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Winter Vacation? Yes, let’s get outta here!

Many people go on vacation during the winter break, but it is evident that teens have a distinct position on whether they like to travel outside of Florida on winter break.

Based on an Instagram poll on 100 teens, 87 people voted yes for wanting to travel on winter break and 13 people said they did not want to.

When various people were asked if they wanted to travel on winter break, they replied with an obvious yes. On the other hand, some teens said they would never want to go out of Florida during the holidays.

The question of winter travels made Riverview high schoolers think about their view on the topic.

“Why not? I hate this town,” said Dalton Jett ‘22.

A majority of the people said they would rather travel outside of Sarasota because they are not a big fan of the state in which they currently live. The people who replied said that Sarasota is boring and that traveling out of town would be more exciting than staying at home all break.

“I want to travel because I hate Florida,” said Juliette Davis ‘22.

Even though many people said they want to leave Florida, a few teens wanted the exact opposite during the holidays.

“I want to stay in Sarasota so I can see my friends over break,” replied Micah Dankowitz ‘21.

Not only do teens want to see their friends, but some people said they wanted to stay in Sarasota because of the warm weather. A few teens said they love going to the famous beach all year round. They said that staying in the sun is “a good reason to stay at home.”

From staying in the sun to staying in the snow, a specific view on winter break traveling is evident. Most people said they wanted to travel out of Sarasota and gave multiple reasons for the main opinion.

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