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Money vs. Happiness—few doubt the adage

Many people have the opinion that money can’t buy happiness, however, this may not be particularly accurate. A poll taken where participants had the choice to choose money or happiness yielded mixed results.

Of the people that participated in the “Money vs. Happiness” poll, 12 percent of the 138 participants voted money and 88 percent voted happiness. As shown, more people came to an agreement that happiness was more important than money.

Students said they would much rather have no money at all but be happy than have all the money in the world and be sad. But, there were a few who contested that.

“Money can buy you happiness,” said Spencer Brooks 19’.

Brooks goes on and states that people can buy items that may contribute to a person’s happiness. He says that happiness is not a thing that you can just choose to have, and many factors affect a person’s willingness to want to be happy or be rich. This can be influenced by the situations they have been placed in, and the life they have had growing up.

Although the poll only displayed the options ‘Money’ and ‘Happiness,’ these two things affect each other, according to Brooks. More specifically, money in some way can affect someone’s happiness either in a positive or negative way based on the person and his or her ideals.

“Happiness is more important than anything in the world,” said Taylor Weitzel ‘22.

For example, someone can be happy with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, while someone else could be miserable with an expensive filet from a fancy restaurant. It just depends on what makes you happy.

Overall, as the results of the poll demonstrate, happiness is a more important aspect to a person’s life than money. Although the results may vary depending on a person’s situation, most people value happiness in life.

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