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Pop vs. Rap, but let’s not forget country

In a poll comparing two music genres-- rap and pop--results show all but one of the votes for pop music were girls. However, an equal number of boys and girls voted for rap music.

The results ended up being 33 votes for pop and 70 votes for rap. People voting for the poll can’t see the results until after they’ve voted, so it gives them a chance to be unbiased and select their honest opinions.

“My favorite artist is Sam Smith because he’s a good singer and his songs are enjoyable,” said Rebecca Woessner ‘21 when asked who her favorite artist was.

When personally interviewing students at RHS it was surprising to hear that many preferred country music over pop or rap music. It was shocking to hear that so many people had strong feelings about country music, because it is a very controversial genre.

“I love country music. It gets me in my feels. Billy Ray Cyrus is my favorite country singer,” said Emma Griffith ‘21.

Music is a big part of studying for many students. Since midterm exams are a part of the holidays, it’s starting a stressful time in students’ lives. Country music seems to be calming for students, which may be the reason that so many people enjoy it.

“Country is my favorite genre because it makes me happy, it relaxes me and it puts me in a good mood,” said Taylor Weitzel ’22.

“I like country because it is about love and it makes me feel relaxed,” said Brooke Whitmore ‘22.

We have also found that others enjoy more than one genre equally. While it may not seem like anybody listens to genres like alternative, screamo or classical, it is unexpected to hear that many enjoy it a lot.

“It depends on what mood I’m in, but alternative is my go-to,” said Kate Wagner ‘21.

The music taste among teens is quite diverse. Some of the best music can be found in unexpected genres. Overall, students at RHS have a wide range in what they listen to.

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