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RHS cheer returns to traditional competition

From school spirit to supporting sporting events, Riverview’s school cheerleaders have always been there for all of the school sports in the school program.

But this year, they have really stepped up their game. This is the first year since 2001 that the cheerleaders have competed against other cheer squads throughout the county. The cheerleaders have already had two competitions this season and their upcoming competition will wrap up their season.

“Competitive cheer has really given me an opportunity to challenge myself more in this sport,” exclaimed Luca Whitaker ’20.

Most of the team consists of people who have not experienced the “competitive cheer world,” but they have learned and grown from it. They have definitely become an outstanding new addition to the school cheer team.

“Signing up for this competitive cheer team has definitely opened my eyes and helped me realize how I have gradually progressed to reach my full potential as a cheerleader,” said Amanda Nyberg ’20. Practice makes perfect, and that is exactly what these girls have been doing since Day 1. Every Tuesday they hold competitive cheer practice to go over their competition routine.

These girls’ talent on this team truly shows. The hours they have been putting into their routine have made an impact on these girls’ perspectives on sideline cheer and competitive.

“I love sideline cheer because it is more laid back and easy-going, but competitive cheer gives me the chance to go full throttle and hammer out a whole routine with more strenuous sequences and stunts all put together for 2 minutes and 50 seconds straight,” said Jasen Rinehart ’20.

Head Coach Laura Watson, is gratefully appreciated by the team for fighting to get back the right for our school cheer team to be able to be competitive. This is a huge accomplishment for the cheer team.

For students interested in a sport, who want to give cheerleading a shot, there is no experience needed. They are holding tryouts some time during April. They would be glad to see fresh new talents for cheer season for 2019-20.

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