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Riverview Student put Heart and Soul in Ceramics Project

Judy Brown’s Ceramics class was previously given an assignment to do with clay and make a creature out of clay and wield whatever their heart may desire. One of her students Kal Villanueva ‘19, took this assignment and ran with it. Villanueva created a very detailed and intricate multi-colored octopus.

Villanueva got the idea from a very close memory of hers. Her favorite childhood memory is going to the aquarium, with her grandparents. Knowing this, her boyfriend Jarrod Johanns ‘19, took her to the aquarium for their one-year anniversary. These memories, both being her most treasured, inspired the theme of the sculpture.

Villanueva had quite an exact supply list for her creation.

“I used clay coils for the tentacles and made the head using a slat and pinch pot,” she said.

She has an artistic background with her grandparents both having artistic abilities, and she loved art from a very young age. She thinks that this was her calling.

“When I’m sculpting, painting, sewing or something artistic, I feel at ease. I forget my problems for just a moment and let go. It’s a wonderful feeling,” Villanueva said.

Villaneuva wants to attend the New College Of Florida and believes she will pursue an art degree. The art she made can be found in Brown’s Rm. 5-135.

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