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What it takes to be a Highland Dancer

Year after year, dance routine after dance routine, the Highland dancers continue to put on entertaining high-level shows whether they are performing at football games, band concerts or even at side gigs, like the Sarasota Highland Games.

In January, try-outs were held to find capable dancers for next year’s team. Emmalee Adams, Maria Torrez, Samantha McCleod, Emma Leitz, Hannah Coughenour, Abby Walsh, Maddie Mocherman, Madison Ponder, Vivian Silva and Mya Morgan were all selected to be on the team next school year.

After making the team, new girls have several things they need to go through before next school year. Like practices from 2:30-4:30 to learn dances for next year. A new girls’ band camp in early summer then another at the end of summer with the rest of the other dancers.

(attributes of a Highland Dancer) are all skills that would help anyone get on to the team. Being energetic, genuine, kind, and other desirable traits are another very important part of what being a Highland Dancer is all about.

The news girls joining the team say they are excited to have this experience throughout high school. Creating bonds with new friends, learning new dances, attending all events required, and even sharing second period of your new friends are just some of the many gained aspects of being a Highland dancer.

Samantha McCleod ’22 is one of the dancers who will be truly part of the team next year.

She is eager to be fully part of the Highland Dance team and enthusiastic to see what comes out of the experience.

“I believe it will teach me a lot about responsibility as well as help me become a strong team player.”

While some might be excited about joining the Highland Dance team, others are forced to leave behind what has become a second family.

Morgan Corbridge ’19 never would have suspected that joining this team would make such an impact for her overall high school experience, but as a senior, she now realizes how mistaken she was.

“The Highland Dance team is an amazing opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone, learn new skills like leadership and get to go through it all with your new friends,” she said.

Despite the changes the team faces every year, the Highland Dance team truly gives everyone a chance to try something new, learn new choreography, and form a family.

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