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Pretty Little Liars remains popular with Riverview students

Pretty Little Liars is a television show that a lot of people and teens grew up watching. This show is about a group of friends, but there is a girl named Alison who is seen as the glue of the group. She caused them terrible trauma during the seasons-- Alison lied about anything and everything to protect herself which led her to being chased out of town, making it look as though she died. There was this person named A, who was first after Alison, yet after she was gone turned to the group of girls to find Alison. The girls got threatened with their secrets and got hurt along the way as well. A would also change and crossover to different people throughout the show, so the point of the show would be to figure out who A was.

So many teenagers loved this show and still watch it on Netflix.

“Pretty Little Liars was one of my favorite shows while it was on the air. Every Tuesday, my friends and I would alternate going to each other’s houses after school to have a watch party,” Madison Scott ’19 said.

This show lasted seven years, but towards the end, a show named Ravenswood began as a spinoff for Pretty Little Liars, and this show was based on one of the main characters and his separate life. Now, there's another new spin-off that a lot of students at Riverview are excited to watch, and it's called The Perfectionists. This show is about the main character Alison, teaching at a college with a new set of people and a few originals, but it's aboutg what happens in the college town after a murder occurs.

“Even though Alison was one of my least favorite characters, I can't wait to see how they’ve changed her as a person as she's grown up, so maybe I will learn to love her as I watch the new show,” Scott states.

Even though so many loved this program, a lot of people missed out on it.

“I've never seen Pretty Little Liars, but I would watch the spinoff because people have been talking a lot about it, so it's definitely worth a try,” Kate O’Toole ‘20 stated.

The Perfectionists is set to air March 20, so whether you have seen Pretty Little Liars or not, don’t miss out on another good show.

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