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The two sport star


Aysha Mohameed ’19 will be on both the Varsity softball team and the Varsity track team. For softball, Mohameed plays right field and is a huge threat on the base path with her speed, which is where her track value comes into play. Participating in the long jump gives the girls’ Varsity track team a huge advantage.

Mohameed ’19 knew that this was her last chance to be a two-sport athlete and potentially her last time to compete in either one or both of these sports at a high level. She saw the opportunity to be an asset to both teams and didn’t hesitate to take it.

Of course, there are some sacrifices, because she has to miss a couple of practices here and there and then will very rarely have to either miss a softball game or a track meet. She knew that if both coaches were willing to work with her, she could also make it work. She also noted that she has all of her JROTC commitments to be aware of as well, which is just adding to her already full, but exciting plate.

Mohameed has been a Varsity softball player for three years now and knows the hard work and time that this sport requires.

“Softball is every day, you have to earn your sport every day,” she explained.

Mohameed is aware of that, but she says that she “just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to play both at one time.”

“I realize track will most likely be a lot like softball in the sense that I need to put in the work to earn my spot, but I am ready to do that,” she said.”

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