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Law and Order: Fairy Tale Unit

Riverview’s Theatre department put on a production called “Law and Order: The Fairy Tale Unit.” This production was put on between March 6-8 in the RPAC. The Theatre department was very prepared for their big opening day. The cast and production crew were all Riverview students and the play cast was an all-girl cast.

The plot of the play was for the detective H.D, Humpty Dumpty, played by Katelyn Eldridge ‘19 and Cindy, Cinderella, played by Amanda Souza ‘19. The objective of the play was for the detectives to find the culprit to the crime of blowing the three pigs’ homes down. Thother characters in the play were Rumpelstiltskin, played by Keely Gringaz ‘22; Merm, by Julianna Martinez ‘22; Three Pigs, by Maezi Marrs ‘21, Olivia Klimek ‘22, Isabella Richmond ‘21; and the Wolf, Aaron Ryan ‘22.

The play was pre-written by Jonathon Rand. The director was Marjorie Kammerlohr, and she was assisted by Josh Wilson ‘20. The cast was also the set-up crew and the creators of the set.

Maezi Marrs, the British pig, explained what she loved about participating in the production and what went into preparing for opening day.

“I enjoyed working with new people and being able to really develop those relationships that I know will be everlasting. We painted the set pieces in the RPAC after school, and all parts that dealt with play were outside of school hours” Marrs said.

This production was very well put together, and all the students involved should be extremely proud of their great work. The cast received a standing ovation on opening night and ended even stronger. The theatre department is a very well put together club, and students interested in joining the club contact Kammerlohr in the RPAC.

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