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Country music award-winner rocks RPAC


The world of country music is vast and includes artist of all types. So when legendary bluegrass singer Rhonda Vincent comes to perform at the RPAC, the whole Riverview community is excited.

In the beginning of Vincent’s career, she played in her family band, the Sally Mountain Show. As she grew up, Vincent began to branch off and start a solo career.

When asked about feeling accepted in the community of bluegrass, she said, “Bluegrass is a very family-oriented music and there is a very strong sense of community. Bluegrass is a niche music, it’s not like top 40! It brings the group closer together.”

After discussing her entrance into the music business during the 4 p.m. sound check that day, some Riverview choir kids walk in to prepare the RPAC for the night. After talking to them for about five minutes, Vincent invites the students to sing “Amazing Grace” with her.

After singing the first verse, Vincent convinced the students to sing with her during the performance as well.

Ally Albuerne ’22, was one of the choir kids asked to sing.

“It felt amazing! It was really cool to experience playing with a live band and such a well-known country artist. It was a memory I will never forget.”

Vincent answered one more question before she had to rush to get ready for her performance.

“I would say, dreams do come true and work hard to achieve your goals. I am from the second smallest county in the state of Missouri, and if I can do this from a tiny town in Greentop, Mo., anyone can.”

Vincent’s April 5 concert was full of excitement and involvement from Riverview’s very own choir kids. Vincent’s performance was amazing and brought joy musically into Riverview’s RPAC.

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