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Four students’ college picks match CBS story

In today’s society, getting into college is very competitive. Colleges tend to look for special individuals that could improve their school’s environment. With Riverview’s well-rounded student body, it does not surprise the community when many students get into top colleges.

Going to college is a big part of a teenager’s life and is usually necessary for a productive and successful future. Now with seniors applying to colleges from all over the world, the competition during admission process is difficult. It is even harder to get into the “Ivy Leagues” and other known schools such as Harvard or MIT.

In August 2018, CBS News, in partnership with Niche, came out with an article about the top 50 hardest colleges to get into. Of those schools listed, a few of those colleges have accepted some of Riverview’s own seniors.

Christina Cianciolo has a great college admissions story. Cianciolo’s success on the swim team, along with her academic achievement, made her a great candidate for any college. After Cianciolo got her SAT scores back, her dad said she should look into some Ivy League schools. After to applying to Columbia and Dartmouth, she ultimately chose the latter. Her other choice, Columbia, also made the CBS list.

Dartmouth is the fourteenth hardest school to get into, with an 11% acceptance rate and 97% graduating rate, according to CBS.

Students like Cianciolo are prime examples of what Riverview’s students are all about. Qualities such as hard work and responsibility are what makes Riverview’s students successful in college applications.

Ciancolo is not alone. Three of her classmates join her in this prestigious list of students gaining acceptances to top schools. Tristen Morse was accepted to Duke, Lillian Myers to Cornell and Charlize Simpson to Georgia Tech. Simpson has decided to attend the University of Florida instead.

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