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Orphan outreach successful for IB Senior


There are many amazing seniors throughout Riverview who help the Sarasota community in tremendous ways, but Dharma Brothers ‘19 is a standout.

Brothers is an IB senior who is going to the University of Central Florida in the fall. Throughout her life, she has volunteered her time toward helping orphanage services, and here’s why.

Brothers was adopted from Wuhan Hubei, China, when she was 13 months old. Last summer, she had an amazing opportunity to go back to her adoption agency (CCAI), with other teens from the United States, to visit China and to volunteer in the Wuhan Orphanage. Before then, she never had the chance to go back to visit her hometown.

She has been involved with her adoption agency for three years now, and ever since she started, her goal was to go on the Adoptees Giving Back Orphanage Service Trip (AGBOST). She waited a long time until they finally announced they were going to Hubei as a summer trip last year.

“I waited until they said they were going to Hubei so it would be more meaningful, since that is where I’m from,” she said.

Brothers wanted to give back even more than volunteering in an orphanage because she remembers what the conditions were like living in an orphanage.

“The orphanages don’t have all the materials we have here, or they don’t have enough of them because of different policies,” the senior said. She even made a Go Fund Me page to help pay for some items for the orphans. She explained how she wanted to eventually make a widespread difference by being able to raise money to help pay for appliances, cribs and toys that they might need.

“I want the kids to have everything they need, everything they want, I want to give them what I have now,” said Brothers.

With people’s kind donations, she was able to give a box of items to each orphanage she went to in Wuhan Hubei, China, which successfully fulfilled her heart’s desire.

“This is so close to my heart, and I want to help those who are where I once was,” she exclaimed. She was also able to use this very unique journey as her CAS project, of which she enjoyed every minute.

“No matter where life takes you, never forget the place that helped build you,” said Brothers.

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