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Ram Bowl Changes

New and improved changes, that have been accepted by Sarasota County, are coming to the Ram Bowl by the end of this year to ensure safety and efficiency.

Riverview has implemented a new policy brought by the county. This new policy regards bringing bags into sporting events, either in the Ram Bowl or Ram Gymnasium, because of the recent mass shootings in the country. This policy limits the size of the bag that is brought into these events. Not only has Sarasota County Schools enforced this, Broward county has had this same policy since the Parkland mass shooting last year.

Another new change to Riverview High School is the artificial turf on the field. Construction for the turf starts on December 1, after football season ends. There are many reasons why Riverview is making this change.

For one, when it rains, all the rain drains into the field and destroys it. With the artificial turf, it will never get damaged by the water.

Also, the turf will save the school money. Athletic Director Rod Dragash said, “It will save money in the long run.” He pointed out that the school won’t have to water the field, repaint it, or fertilize and cut the grass. Also, fertilizer is bad for the environment and if we get an artificial turf, we can stop using it.

This brand-new turf will say “Riverview” in one end and in the other it will say “Rams.”

The new turf will affect the location of the scoreboard, too. Vehicles have to cross the field to repair the scoreboard. However, with the new turf, they can’t drive over the field, so they are moving the scoreboard to the other end zone.

Also, with repairs on the track, this homecoming will be the last homecoming in the Ram Bowl for a while. So, this homecoming, rather than having corvettes, Riverview High School is renting ten Porsches!

With the new plans in action, Riverview still has future goals like installing a jumbotron that is expected to be here in 2023

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