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A Football Story

The Riverview Rams’ football team is returning this year from an unbelievable 2018 season. The Rams lost to the state champion in the state semifinal in Jacksonville last year. This year, the Rams are looking to go even further, but they have many challenges to overcome.

This year, the Rams have a very young core group of players. In past years, they have had many more seniors to lead the team, but this year there are a lot of juniors. Mike Fraraccio is one of those juniors.

“The hardest thing about having a young group of guys is the lack of experience and the huge fill from our seniors from last season,” Fraraccio said.

The Rams currently have a record of 2-2, and although it has been a challenge with such a young group, Fraraccio said he and the Rams are confident that they can be “as good, or even better than they were last year.”

Fraraccio has had to step up and take a leading role as a junior, helping the offense run as smoothly and effortlessly as possible.

There are many young players on the team, but the team captains consist entirely of seniors. Seniors like Mitch Ciombor and Tray Hall do a great job of maintaining the teams focus and keeping the positive attitude, even during tough times.

During crucial moments, the coaching staff and players look towards their senior captains for maturity and composure, and this is what makes things easier for the Rams to compete at such a high level.

It is in the team’s best interest to walk away with gold this year at the state championship.

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