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How to be safe in an Uber or Lyft

Uber and Lyft might seem like an ideal way to get around — you can get a ride virtually anywhere with just the push of a button and and a few bucks. This is why the ride apps are becoming very popular with Riverview students. Whether a student needs a ride to school during the week, or a ride home from a party on the weekend, these apps are a prime resource. But like many things that sound great in writing, ride sharing is riskier than it sounds.

It’s simple to brush aside concerns, but it’s important to note how real the dangers with Uber can be. Riverview teacher, Patricia Bliss, shared her own story that took place on campus to help put this in perspective. Bliss explained,

“My husband drives through the loop in front of school every day to take me home. One day, two female Riverview students, ran and jumped into the back seat of his car as I was approaching. My husband turned around and said he was there to pick me up. Once they realized it was a teacher's ride, rather than their Uber, they quickly exited the car. However, my husband remained shocked.”

Bliss’s husband, who is also a father of two girls, worried at the thought of

“What if I weren't a good person? They never asked for any ID at all. Another person behind the wheel could have made this a very dangerous situation.”

Students, enjoy the perks of living in the twenty-first century by using the Uber app. But stay safe and stay aware while catching your ride!

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