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ELA Renovations

Riverview High School has recently decided to take a stand on renovating its intensive reading classrooms this year. To keep students who need more motivation and engagement, engaged in everyday learning.

This Project was designed around a few specific pointers like layout and colors, “The new classroom will have flexible seating, allowing for student to student and student to teacher collaboration. The final design choice was chosen from competition at the Ringling School of Art and Design,” Said Nina James of RHS.

These new steps in creating a better classroom environment were supported by many entities like, the Innovative Classroom Grant funded by the Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation, and the Gulf Coast Foundation. This grant covers the classroom renovation, teacher professional development and support, as well as support and incentives for students.

When asked what the goal of these renovations were James answered, “The goal is to provide a classroom environment that is pleasing, modern, and enhances learning,”.

James took a small but important part in this process as she is the chair of the reading department, she was a part of the collaborative choice process for the project.

This idea was brought to life by the intensive language arts teachers that noticed a lack of true engagement is their classrooms from the students. “Assistant Superintendent Dr. Laura Kingsley, and Linda Copeland district Curriculum and Instruction English Language Arts,” are just some of the bigger people that were on this project.

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