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RHS raises social awareness among students

In recent years,the media has increased the spread of awareness regarding students’ mental health and well-being by sharing others’ stories and giving advice to those struggling.

Schools have also become active in stressing mental health’s importance. This school year, RHS has participated by giving students extra time in class to watch videos pertaining to important subjects such as suicide awareness, sex trafficking rates, and the most recent one of drug addiction.

In the beginning of the year, students were encouraged to watch the video “See Something, Say Something” to give students advice if they are struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts, if they know someone with those thoughts, and signs that someone they know might be struggling.

“I think it’s good for students to know that they have someone in the school to talk about any issue. It could help them know that an outlet is available and there are other options,” said Alyssa Brown '20 .

In addition to suicide prevention, students have become more alert about the risks of sex trafficking and how the numbers of incidents have skyrocketed over the years. The students were educated on ways to avoid a situation or what they should do when approached. Class discussions throughout the video were also encouraged.

“I had no idea that sex trafficking was that common, especially in parking lots! It’s really scary to think that there are people like that out there that can be so manipulating,” said Amelia Seger '20.

The most recent video was the seriousness of drug addiction and what to do if a student is struggling, being peer pressured, or has a friend that’s in a difficult situation. The video gives students a chance to seek help and discuss their own advice among each other.

“I think it’s good for RHS to occasionally show students those kinds of videos because while they educate students, they also give them a break to watch a video and talk to their friends about it. It’s a good little mental health break,” said Brown.

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