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Listen To Your Heart

It is easy to assume we are all running out of things to do this quarantine, that’s why Monday night was so exciting for the many RHS students who consider themselves to be part of the “Bachelor Nation.”

The two-hour premier of Listen to Your Heart was released on ABC. This show is the newest addition to the Bachelor franchise and will be a six-episode series airing every Monday from 8-10 p.m. Of course, the widely-loved Chris Harrison is the host.

Let’s dive in to the juicy details, shall we?

Twenty young musicians who were all trying to find love, arrived at a mansion to begin their journey on the show. However, there were only eight men available to “couple up” with the 12 women, meaning those who were not in a relationship would be sent home. Love triangles were created, tears were shed, and music was made in this drama-filled premier.

Throughout the upcoming episodes, the couples will perform for famous musicians and past Bachelor couples while being judged based off their music and chemistry. Couples will also get to go on dates to strengthen their relationships. Couples will swap around and be eliminated until one couple wins! Think “The Bachelor” mixed with “A Star is Born”, and that’s a pretty good representation of what you get with this drama (and music) filled show.

If you missed Monday’s episode, don’t worry, it is available on Hulu and on demand.

Monday boredom is destroyed with Listen to Your Heart.

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