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Ways to help teens adjust to quarantine

Parents, during this quarantine, teens are stuck in the house, and it could affect them badly because it's as though they are trapped. So, there are a few ways you can do to help your teen adjust and stay busy during this virus lockdown.

You could have them help with things around the house, such as helping cook dinner with you or helping clean the counters and dishes. They can even set the table before dinner. You can just have them be busy with you.

You could also support them with online schooling by letting them be in control and trusting them to do what needs to be done, but do still check in every once in awhile. Just don’t hassle them every five seconds about their school work. Do not freak out on your child about being lazy; just calmly talk to them about what they were going to do that day or what they want to do that day to have a better or more productive day.

Always be reasonable and do what you can to encourage your teen to do what is best for them and make this adjustment easier for you and them as we get through this very rough time.

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