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Fireworks at Benderson Park lit the sky, brightened spirits

With COVID19 spreading like wildfire in Florida, normal traditions and routines have had to change. One of these, for example, was fireworks display for celebrating the Fourth of July. Most places that usually have firework shows cancelled their plans. Fortunately, there was one big fireworks show that got sold out-- Benderson Park. The fireworks were set right over the lake, in a perfect view for everyone to see.

Because of the virus, certain restrictions and guidelines were put in place for the event. Uniquely, in order to keep a safe difference for everyone, this was a drive-in event. Everyone for the most part stayed in and watched the fireworks from their cars. Some people even sat on the top of the vehicles to get a better view.

No food was sold, so if guests who wanted snacks had to bring them themselves. The fireworks ranged from rapid small lights to big, massive ones that lit the whole sky. People could feel the reverberations of the explosions no matter where they were in the event.

Once the final firework exploded and the applause died down, the people that were working there got all the cars out in a neat line, one row at a time. Overall, the event was very organized and the people that went had a good time.

Cydney James, a local resident who attended the event said there were perks to viewing the display from cars.

“I think the fireworks were terrific! And it was nice to stay in my car, away from all the bugs.”

Another resident that went to the event, Mike Collins, said he enjoyed the show as well.

“It was great! I could see and hear the fireworks perfectly, and I was all the way in the back,” he said.

The event ended on a good note, and it left people a little happier with the circumstances going on.

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