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Meet the 2020 Class Board and Student Council candidates

Lilly Mae Stewart

Sophomore Board Treasurer

“I am qualified for Sophomore Board Treasurer because as JV Cheer Captain I know the importance of spirit within our school. I have so much pride in Riverview and I want other students to have the same love for it as I do. I am committed to planning fundraisers and events that students can participate in so they have fond memories to look back on at the end of the year once they graduate.”

Anna Fortenberry

Sophomore Board Treasurer

“I am qualified for this position because I am a great leader. I am determined and driven in every task I do. Also, I have experience being in a leadership position by being Historian of the Key Club. I am very open-minded to other ideas and work well in a team.”

Emily O’Neill

Sophomore Board Vice President

“I feel that I am qualified for this position because I was a part of Freshman Board last year. I have been involved in the meetings and understand what it takes to organize events and be successful. I am good at communicating and working with others, and I enjoy it. I am a hard worker and am good at getting things done. I want to be apart of the school and what goes on here. I am also ready to commit to this position, and do whatever I can to make sophomore board successful, and raise money.”

Shelby Nobile

Sophomore Board President

“I feel like I am qualified for this position because I am responsible. I get my work done and am super motivated always. I work well with other students and listen to everyone’s ideas, and advise. I am a committed person, and want to be involved with the school and everyone else.”

Nicholas Bohlman

Sophomore Board President

“I feel like I’m qualified for this leadership position because I’m very organized and have a lot of ideas for fundraisers. I will work hard to plan as many events as possible even during these virus times. I’m open to suggestions and I will work great with whoever is on the board guaranteed.”

Emily Lepow

Sophomore Board Secretary

“I am very passionate about raising money for school for the class of 2023! I have straight A’s and do very well in school. I am not very busy so I will be present to all meetings and club sponsored events. I applied for the secretary position because I like to take colorful and neat notes! Also, I held the same position last year.”

Sofia Norberg

Junior Board Secretary

“I'm a hardworking committed student, who has a ton of school spirit. I love Riverview as much as I love Sweden!”

Zane Davis

Junior Board Secretary

“I feel I am qualified for this position because over the last two years of being here I have been a part of the regular board without a position and I have been told by many people that I am a leader as I am now a captain of the cross-country team. I also have high grades and am part of the FCA in a leader position and feel I am qualified for a leadership position on Junior board.”

Georgia Flint

Junior Board Treasurer

“I have held the treasurer position for the class of 2022 for two consecutive, successful years. I am very involved in Riverview’s extracurriculars, as I am a part of multiple sports and clubs. I have poured my heart and soul into Riverview, and will continue to do so. I’m beyond excited for the future planning, events, and fundraising to help the school we love. Go Riverview!”

Juliette Stone

Junior Board Vice President

"I feel like I am qualified for this position because I am very responsible and a people person and would suit this position really well. I love to work with people and am very hard working and cooperative. I have always wanted to do this, and I would be perfect for this position.”

Brielle Campbell

Junior Board Vice President

“I have been Vice-President of the class of 2022 for the past 2 years. I have so much school spirit and love all things Riverview. I just want the very best for our class, and will put my whole heart into fundraising, planning, and optimizing events. Go Rams!”

Alexander Kempton

Junior Board President

“I feel I am qualified for this leadership position for multiple reasons. I have experience within board, as I’ve been president for the past two years and I am dedicated to raising money for our class.”

Amelia Mauer

Senior Board Secretary

“I have been involved in class board for 2021 since sophomore year and loved doing fundraisers for class board.”

Savannah Tucker

Senior Board Secretary

“I feel I am qualified for this leadership because I am organized and work well with other student, I would love to share my idea to help create fun and creative events for Riverview high school.”

Luke Mocherman

Senior Board Treasurer

“I’ve been class treasurer for 3 years and I’m determined to make sure that the class of 2021 has the best prom possible! Go Rams!”

Ava Stroth

Senior Board Vice President

I want to run for Senior board because I love being included in school, and student council has fulfilled my life all throughout high school. P.S. Mr. Mocherman said he’ll trashcan me I do not run...”

Sam Elhaggar

Senior Board President

“I have been president for 3 years and have been working hard to bring as much money as I could to board. I love working with people and making others happy.”

Bernadette Nwokeji

Student Council Secretary

“I believe I am qualified for this leadership position because I am an organized person who is committed to improving the well-being of this school. I served as student council secretary last year, and it was an enjoyable experience. Student Council provided me with so much insight, am I am looking forward to contributing my knowledge towards this year.”

Sanna Norberg

Student Council Treasurer

“I am a very hardworking student, from Sweden. I am very dedicated to school and have huge school spirit. Go Rams!”

Stephanie Krzyprowski

Student Council Treasurer

“I am financially responsible and committed to fulfilling my position as treasurer of Student Council”

Tyler Horiuchi

Student Council Treasurer

“I have been the captain of many lacrosse teams, and I connect with people. I have the leadership, and academic skills to surpass all expectations for the leadership position. Math is also my favorite subject.”

Will Evans

Student Council Vice President

“I am a captain of the football and lacrosse team, and I feel like I am very qualified to run for this position. I was the VP for freshman, Sophomore and Junior Board as well.”

Michael Fraraccio

Student Council President

“I was treasurer last year and I know the system. I am the football and basketball team captain. I have a 4.8 GPA. I am very hardworking and have lots of school spirit.”

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