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Covid restrictions on gyms makes workouts healthy and safe

Gyms have been open to the public for a while now, but with Corona still on high alert, some restrictions and rules have been set in place to keep everyone safe.

The local Sarasota YMCA gyms made many adjustments to their activities. The basic gym is open for everyone, but they ask people to remain a distance of 6 feet apart. Indoor group exercise classes will continue to be offered by online reservation only, and reservations must be made before the class starts. All spas, steam rooms and saunas will remain closed until further notice.

Patrons must buy or bring their own water bottles, for the water fountains will be closed, but bottle filler stations will remain open.

Same as the YMCA, Crunch gyms ask that everyone remain a 6-foot distance from others. The machines have also been spread more sparsely apart. Team members and workers will always have a mask and gloves on, and it is recommended that guests always have masks on.

All surfaces are disinfected and wiped down throughout the day. Crunch gyms have a new clean air system that uses atmospheric cold plasma to change a small percentage of the oxygen molecules in the air, killing off virus and mold.

LA fitness, like the other gyms, asks patrons to wear a mask. Hand sanitizer stations have been set up throughout the gym. When people enter, they can only do so one at a time, always remaining a 6-foot distance from yourself and others. Check-in is touch-less by just scanning a phone or a card, limiting contact with employees.

Most all gyms, big or small, will have guests wear a mask and stand a safe distance from others. Guests should remember to wash their hands daily, and if they show any signs of being sick, they should stay home to not risk a spread.

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