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What’s for lunch?

Now that school has started, Riverview students are getting back into the swing of things and learning how to adjust to the new school rules. Whether in school or remote learning, lunch is something students look forward to everyday. We all know that lunch is a crucial part of the day and enjoy every second of it!

Growing up we all had some favorite foods that we loved so much and could never get tired of. Who doesn’t love food--food is amazing! Lunch is an important part of maintaining a healthy diet and can promote a healthy lifestyle. Sweet and savory foods both go hand in hand when picking your favorite lunch time snack.

“Lunch is definitely my favorite part of the day. I enjoy sitting out with friends and taking a break from class,” said Nick Guzzo ’22.

With the new school lunch schedule, some students get the luxury of eating early, while others must wait until the end of the day. Of course, a typical back-to-school lunch consists of a sandwich or salad, but without a favorite snack, what is there to look forward to? Some Riverview students share their favorite go-to snack!

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