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Bek Ficze Feature

Bek Ficze is a senior at Riverview, and is the Ram Page website editor since the beginning of this year. Outside of school, she loves to play video games, listen to music, and create art and animation.

Ficze originally took journalism in junior year to improve her writing, but later in her junior year she officially started working in the Ram Page.

After the Ram Page’s previous editor graduated this past year, adviser Pat Bliss needed help with the digital aspect of editing the Ram Page. Ficze says the job fit her because she loves working with websites.

She likes the online Ram Page because it’s more flexible, but she'll miss reading the paper newspaper in class and seeing herself and friends in it every so often.

Another new feature to the online Ram Page, is that there is more room to have more stories posted. This will allow for more people’s work to be published.

When asked about an insight on the future of the Ram Page site Ficze said, “My future goals are to make this website fun and easy to navigate.”

Ficze gets inspiration from another news website called Pitchfork, an online site for music news and album reviews, which is where she got her idea for a new column.

The column will essentially collaborate with the Ram Page. It will discuss albums and songs to review in the online paper.

“I really want to do album reviews on the Ram Page to help people find new songs to listen to and to provide entertainment,” says Ficze.

Bek Ficze will graduate this year, and when asked what legacy she wants to leave at Riverview, she said, “I hope people will remember the unique things I’ll be adding onto the website such as album reviews, daily facts, etc.

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