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Carter comes to RHS from Orlando Olympia High School

Riverview High school has welcomed many new teachers such as Evan Carter, a history teacher from Orlando who just transferred to Riverview because his wife got a job in Sarasota.

Carter has been teaching as an English and Social Studies teacher for four years. He was at Olympia High School in Orlando before coming to Riverview. He now teaches as a US history/ IB global politics teacher.

He originally made the switch of schools when his wife got a job at the Education Department at the Ringling Museum. His first impression of Riverview was that there were a lot of stairs and that the students were going to have “quads of steel” by graduation.

Carter attended both USF and FSU. His hobbies include watching movies, reading, playing videogames, watching anime, MTG and disc golf. He says he grew up in the bay area and his classroom is 6-218.

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