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New teacher Fischer previously taught in Prague, Vietnam and Japan

Danielle Fischer is a new teacher at Riverview High School for the 2020-21 school year as a result of the leave of absences of other teachers, due to Covid-19.

She got certified as an English language instructor in Prague after college, and eventually taught as an assistant English language teacher in a high school in Japan for two years.

Eventually, she returned home to get her masters degree and then returned to Japan and taught English Literature for eight more years. This is when she really realized how much she had a passion for this subject.

In the most recent two years, she had been on an English language fellowship program in Vietnam.

When she came home and started teaching at Riverview, her initial impression of the school was that it was much bigger than where she had gone to high school in New York.

Most of her interests in academics involves Japanese culture, which she spent many of her early years studying.

She’s been away from family and friends for over a decade, but now she is very glad to be back, especially starting her new teaching journey at Riverview.

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