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April mini break gave IBCP students maximum fun

Tierney McFadden ‘22


Here at Riverview High, a mini break was just what students needed to refresh and get ready for the upcoming quarter.

Students were granted April 8 and 9 off from school for a professional day and a teacher work day. The three-day school week went by in a flash and allowed for a four-day break from schoolwork. Those two days, Thursday and Friday, gave students a taste of summer.

“My break was really relaxing! I hung out at home and went to the beach a few times,” Caroline King ’22 said.

Teachers, however, did have to come to school, but they got to focus on grade updates and more. With a classroom full of students, both in class and online, it can be difficult for teachers to focus on inputting grades, and with the stress of the end of the quarter, it was not any easier. Luckily, many teachers were able to wrap up any final grades and possibly get a head start on this quarter’s curriculum.

Many students did such fun activities over this break and were able to capture these moments on camera. Whether working, playing sports, or hanging out at home, this time off was surely much needed. Although it was short, any break from waking up at 6 a.m. will be sure to get any teachers and students excited for the change in routine.

“I went to gymnastics most of the days over break but had a really good time because I was with my friends,” said Ana Anthou ’23.

Michelle DiPuma ’22 organized a softball camp for elementary and middle school students over the break. Teaching kids the ins and outs of softball, DiPuma and her teammates had a great time at camp. For her IBCP service-learning project, DiPuma organized this camp and ran it with the help of coaches and teammates. Admission fee was $30 per camper and took place from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Friday at the team’s home field at the Suncoast Technical College campus. All campers enjoyed learning more about softball from DiPuma and teammates.

Both teachers and students can benefit from a break once in a while. Looking forward to the next break, whether short or long, students are very excited and are glad to have gotten a much-needed refresher.

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