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Beach volleyball closes season with state win

Lacey Currier ‘23

Staff Writer

Riverview’s beach volleyball team has successfully made its season one of the best. With an ending of

winning the state championship, these girls have made it one of the best years.

With the ending point going to Ella McMullen ‘21 and Carly Perrgio ‘21, these girls put all their hard

work into being the best they can be.

“Working with all these girls for the first time ever doing beach volleyball was a big surprise. It was one

of the best times,” Courtney Bates ’23 said.

With the season ending, the girls wrapped it up with a closing ceremony at one of Riverview’s baseball


“Going into a team full of girls who knew each other, I was nervous at first, but all the girls are great role

models and would help you out with anything,” Quinn Shaner ’24 said.

Coach Annie Howard for coaching was the girls’ beach volleyball coach.

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