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Cheerleads nationwide vie for World’s Champion title

Serena Turner ‘23

Staff Writer

The  Cheerleading  World’s took place on Ma y 8-10,  allowing All-Star  cheerleaders  from

all over the country  to compete for the title of the  World’s champion.  


World’s takes place annually in  Riverview’s home state, Florida. Every year,

cheerleaders go to ESPN’s International Wide World  of  Sports  Complex  in Orlando, to

show off routines that the athletes train for all year. It also known to  be  one  of  the

biggest cheer competitions  in the US. due Although, because of COVID-19 World’s in

2020 was cancelled, this year the event returned.  


The competition consists of three rounds and multiple divisions. The rounds include

prelims, semifinals and finals. Cheer teams must reach a certain score in order to

advance rounds. Divisions are also based on team size and each round’s level of



Cheerleading is scored based on  the  athlete’s  ability to stunt, jump and tumble, as well

as the use of synchronization. Cheerleaders have certain requirements to meet in order

to obtain points which  contribute to their final score. Safety deductions may also be

taken off if  a flyer hits the floor  or  someone crosses the boundaries.  


One of Riverview’s tenth  grade students, Anden  Arnold, had the opportunity to

participate in the competition with her team, Evo Athletics.

“Going to Worlds was a  once-in-a-lifetime  experience, and it was incredible to be able to

perform in one of the biggest cheerleading competitions,” Arnold said.   


Arnold also goes on to describe World’s as a team-bonding experience. She and her

teammates went to Disney World after the competition.   


Safety measures also took place during the 2021 World’s as people remained socially

distanced and the venue was frequently sanitized. Also, with COVID this year’s

competition was restricted to cheerleaders in the US.

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