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Chew on this: dog owners among students outnumber cat owners

Keen Newcomb ‘24


The age-old question, “Are you a cat or dog person?” is a conversation starter, and one up for much debate and disagreement.

I wanted to get to the bottom of this, so I conducted a poll titled, “Cats or Dogs?” I surveyed 60 people on their preference.

The result of the poll was a blowout in favor of the dogs. A whopping 53 people chose dogs over cats. That’s 88 percent of the people surveyed.

That is a huge majority. I had to know why so many people chose dogs.

Dog owner Charles Peggs 24’ said he likes a pet that is a friend.

“I prefer dogs because they are like a best friend in a way, and cats don’t offer that type of relationship. Cats also smell bad,” added Peggs ‘24.

Peggs’ opinion is based off just owning dogs, having never owned a cat. When asked Dane Tefertiller ’23, the answer was completely different.

“Cats are so low maintenance and easy to take care of, while dogs are very high maintenance,” he said.

Tefertiller make a valid point as dogs must be taken on walks and must be played with, but cats have a litterbox and mostly sleep.

Maybe all these dog lovers have ever owned is a dog. Maybe they need a few cats in their lives.

“I think dogs are favored over cats because the majority of people own dogs as compared to owning cats,” Sean Suggs ’22 said.

Teachers are often pet owners, and many, like Sheila Galanis, have a combined family of both dogs and cats.

Going back to Peggs’ opinion that was formed on not having a cat, Sugg added, “You must have elongated experience with both animals to come to your conclusion.”

Cats often get a bad rep for being unfriendly and cold-hearted but having your own cat could easily swing you to the cat’s side.

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