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Club seeks to improve the planet

Students for Sustainability Club at Riverview is planning to make a big change, not only for their school, but the planet.

The club is currently making correspondences with government officials to see if their dream of making Riverview solar-powered could become an actuality.

Founder and a proud member of the club Angela Perez-Cruz ‘21 said, “For now we are focusing on making Riverview more energy efficient,” exciting news to hear in that Riverview intends on becoming more eco-friendly.

Perez-Cruz memtioned that the club is “slowly building to solar panel installations.” The plans Students for Sustainability (S4S) have for the school are “great and extremely effective,” she added. Another plan S4S has for their school’s sustainability is to switch the lights throughout the school to LED lights, to make the school more sustainable.

Students for Sustainability Club at Riverview High school meets every Thursday at 2:20 p.m. in Rm. 5-316. Remote students are welcome as well.

The sponsor of this club is Daniel Faubel. This club is making a difference, one step at time, starting with Riverview High School.

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