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College and Career Advisor Couldn’t Have Wished for More in Life

Riverview’s College and Career Center is led by Mrs. Rebecca Lewis, who couldn’t be happier about her position here helping students determine the best road to their future.

As the advisor at the Student Success Center, Lewis has occupied the essential role of advising students about what happens after high school.

When asked about her professional goals, Lewis stated she is presenting more student career opportunities to young adults and staying on top of changes for the college application process.

One highlight of Lewis’ career is seeing students recognize their potential when deciding what to do with their futures. She thinks her career is extremely fun, especially when she sees how excited students become when they realize how many options they have. Lewis enjoys showing students that although the process of applying to colleges is tedious, it is also thrilling and worthwhile.

When asked why she chose this career, Lewis said that when growing up she wasn’t given good guidance. However, when she began to assist students with their work in college, she realized she belonged in a career focused on helping others plan their lives.

Undoubtedly, a favorite aspect of Lewis’s job is working with students, but outside of school, she loves music and concerts. Mrs. Lewis also enjoys anything related to nature, from boating in Florida to hiking in Colorado. Both provide exciting adventures for her beyond her occupation.

Looking to the future, Lewis said there are personal goals she would like to accomplish soon. She commented about traveling out of the country:

“[I enjoy] traveling more out of the country, specifically, Canada and Portugal, as well as experiencing some more me-time,” said Lewis.

Family is another vital aspect of Lewis’s life. Her son is a sophomore at Riverview and her husband is a Riverview graduate. She also added she has a cat, Tango.

Reflecting on her past, Lewis explained that she wouldn’t change anything in what she had majored.

“I think I'm exactly where I want to be,” commented Lewis.

Riverview is surely benefitting from Lewis’s efforts to help aid our students to become efficient young adults in the real world.


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